Vedicis STC (Smart Traffic collector)

Designed for ISV partners, Vedicis Smart Traffic Collector is a DPI & traffic analysis software, ready for virtualization and cloud deployment, to transform anonymous IP broadband traffic into real time detailed usage insight and actionable events to feed Big Data Platform for  contextual marketing & network analytics.

Analyze. Control. Monetize.

Within MVNO, MNO and Cloud IP networks, Vedicis Smart Traffic Collector

  • captures and extracts user/Applications/location/device info
  • triggers real time events based on traffic analysis
  • aggregates multiple DR in unique User Data Records
  • feeds Big Data/CEM/Business & Network analytics in real time.

Key benefits

Extract the right info in real time

User awareness: Data Plan, MSISDN, Device
Usage: Applications, OTTs, Protocols, Websites
Context: Location, Access technology


High performance and density

DPI & processing up to 80Gbps in a 2U server
Customized triggers, targets, and data records/events


Key metrics

Volume, bandwidth
QOE indicators (packet loss, retry rate...)
Per subscriber and service. 

Project accelerator

IT platform with no network impact for quick project roll out
Ready for integration with flexibility for configuration
Reduced data collection cost.