Vedicis WAG (Wireless Access Gateway)

Data traffic keeps on growing to meet subscribers’ demand for mobility and bandwidth demanding applications. Operators challenge is now to support the endless and expensive expansion of their network, while boosting their ARPU in a fierce competitive environment.

Wifi connectivity is a cost efficient and flexible solution to deliver Internet mobility and generate new revenues. This however requires a tight control of traffic flows to ensure security and quality of experience, integrated with charging capabilities to be able to monetize data services.

Software solution for carrier WIFI

Based on the Vedicis Software Service Gateway (SSG) platform, Vedicis Wireless Access Gateway (WAG) allows operators to expand network coverage and monetize Wifi traffic, securely routing IP traffic from Wifi access points to MNOs’ mobile core or to local internet peer.

Integrating an advanced Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine with policy and charging enforcement function (PCEF), Vedicis WAG is a centralized and cost efficient gateway to enhance customer experience, generate new revenue and optimize IP traffic management.


Key benefits

Extend reach

Offload MNOs’ Radio Access Network
Extend Customer experience

New monetization opportunities

Application based data packages
Wifi Calling service.

Software flexibility

Cloud, Virtual machine or COTS Intel servers
Single point of integration with Wifi backend

Advanced feature set

Local Internet breakout or GTP routing
Traffic intelligence, Legal compliancy.