Vedicis solutions

Vedicis provides solutions to Communication Service Providers (MNOs, MVNO/Es, IOT Service Providers, ISPs)
for connectivity, traffic management and traffic intelligence.

Vedicis PDN-GW

Vedicis Packet Data Network Gateway (PGW) is a high-performance, cost-efficient, virtualized element of the core network, incorporating DPI (Deep Packet Inspection).

Vedicis WAG

Vedicis Wireless Access Gateway (WAG) allows operators to expand network coverage and monetize Wifi traffic, securely routing IP packets from Wifi access points to MNOs’ mobile core or to local internet peer.


Vedicis DPI-PCEF provides a cost-efficient and access-agnostic way to generate new revenues, without impacting mobile and fixed core networks.

Vedicis STC

Vedicis Smart Traffic Collector is a DPI & traffic analysis software, feeding Big Data Platform for contextual marketing & network analytics.

Create value
with unmatched TCO

Add intelligence
in your IP network

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