Accelerate Network transformation

Vedicis Software Service Gateway enables MNOs, MVNOs, Wifi service providers, ISPs and IOT service providers to reap the benefits of Virtualization - NOW.

Cloud deployments and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) represent massive trends in today’s telecom infrastructure with the end of hardware centric systems and the adoption of powerful software platforms.

Vedicis platform enables communication service providers to choose the right steps to leverage software transformation. It can be deployed in a private or public Cloud, As a Virtual machine on KVM or VMware, or As a software on Linux OS and Intel servers.

Already deployed in AWS (Amazon cloud), Vedicis solutions can be quickly activated and scale depending on use cases, throughput and interface requirements. This completely redefines network costs and profitability.

Winds of change

An important trend in Telecoms is digital transformation. Operators need to change their architecture to be service led where services are exposed via API for integration and consumption, enabling "per usage" deployements and business models.
Virtualisation is a further developments where Operators want to become more independent and avoid vendor lock-in. Virtual platforms need to breath where increasing and decreasing  capacity on demand needs to be commercially implemented. To stay relevant for the future providers are expected to provide a per usage model; with the "IP-fication” of Telecoms it is moving rapidly  to converge with IT practices.   
Virtualisation and scaling  as fundamental  principles in  IOT and 5G. CSPs need to be able to provide platforms near to their customers which means being able to spin up an instance in a data centre near to their client.  Especially For MVNO’s and MVNE’s to survive they need to become early adopters of  both public and provide Clouds and are well placed to be nimble compared with the MNO’s.

Vedicis Software flexibility

Software based from the ground, Vedicis Software Service Gateway is natively cloud deployable. Leveraging its field proven DPI engine, this efficient platform integrates all the required capabilities for mobile connectivity (PGW), data monetization (PCEF) and wifi access control (WAG).

Vedicis solution radically changes the economics of network deployment, especially in the case of new entrants which are facing the issue of up-front costs. Vedicis Cloud based platform is not only a technological asset in terms of flexibility and integration, it is also a way to eliminate mobile core capex and to reduce operational and financial risks.

Vedicis PGW instance operation in AWS

Service agility

Vedicis Software Service Gateway leverages virtualization and cloud based technologies to deliver efficient and agile solutions.
100% software based, Vedicis solutions provide standard APIs to integrate within telco’s ecosystem such as OSS and BSS platforms.
  • Features modularity
  • Web based API and/or Standard 3GPP interfaces
  • Open Linux platform to integrate with any ISV’s solution
  • VMware and KVM support for NFV.
Vedicis platform belongs to the “Software Defined“ approach that removes traditional bottlenecks from appliances where many features are statically defined and not easily scalable. Deployed in clouds, it allows a dynamic activation of new instances to make Mobile connectivity, Data monetization and Access control functions more efficient and profitable.