Customer cases

PGW for IOT connectivity, WAG for Wifi access control, and DPI-PCEF for IP Broadband monetization.

Feature flexibility

Vedicis SSG (Software Service Gateway) combines different features software packages to provide advanced services for connectivity, traffic management and intelligence. Depending on integration points and configuration, it acts as a Packet Data Network Gateway (PDN-GW), a Wireless Access Gateway (WAG) or a Policy and Charging Enforcement Function (DPI-PCEF).

Designed for scale

With Vedicis Cloud ready solutions, you get the flexibility, scale, and features you need to to support more data traffic and subscribers.
Being software from the outset, Vedicis Software Gateway benefits from 8 years of optimization and expertise on Intel processing capabilities and new cloud based technologies.

Time to market

Vedicis solutions are designed to accelerate deployment and integration using Web APIs or 3GGP interfaces depending on CSPs' ecosystem. While physical deployments on proprietary hardware take months to be deployed and integrated in the network and IT ecosystem, Vedicis virtualized and cloud native products are easy to deploy, operate and scale.


Vedicis provides its virtualized Packet Data Network Gateway to a pioneer in the IOT market. Connecting IOT devices through 3GPP 4G access network, Vedicis PGW enables his partner to enhance radio coverage and address new customers’ needs for 3GPP compliance and IOT traffic monetization.

Wireless Access Gateway (WAG) solution for Tier 1 Mobile operator

Vedicis provides its software Wireless Access Gateway (WAG) to a tier 1 Mobile Network Operator in India. Managing the access to Internet from the Wifi network, the Vedicis solution enables to extend network coverage and to provide new data services to subscribers.


DPI-PCEF solution for a ISP in MEA 


Vedicis provides its software DPI-PCEF (Deep Packet Inspection—Policy and Charging Enforcement Function) to an ISP in MEA. Deployed in the ISP core network and managing the fixed Data traffic with subscriber and application awareness, Vedicis DPI-PCEF enables to increase the quality of experience for Internet access, and to monetize the data traffic with application based packages.