Expandium acquires Vedicis

Expandium, leading provider of network monitoring solutions, announced today the acquisition of Vedicis.

Saint Herblain, France — July 2nd, 2019 — 

Expandium, leading provider of network monitoring solutions, announced today the acquisition of Vedicis, a French company specialized in Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) solutions for fixed, mobile, IoT and Wi-Fi Communication Service Providers. 

Vedicis technology leverages ten years of product development and field experience, combined with the flexibility of new virtualization standards. It has already been integrated and deployed by Expandium to enrich its monitoring and marketing intelligence portfolio with key software functions such as IP Data probe, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and smart filtering capabilities.
The strategic complementary acquisition of Vedicis is the logical outcome of this collaborative partnership which leads to the most efficient solution available in the market for real-time data traffic processing. Both product lines are software-based from the ground, and this new combined offer keeps the promise of network profitability, providing operators with a cost-effective way to manage and monitor their data traffic in virtualized environments or on generic servers. This move will allow Expandium to continue its growth in the ever-competitive mobile telecommunication market by leveraging continuous disruptive innovation in data collection, processing and analysis, tackling new challenges such as network automation, network virtualization and migration to 5G.
It also enables Expandium to significantly extend its portfolio, with network components such as PDN Gateway, Wireless Access Gateway and DPI-PCEF which have proven their reliability and wide-ranging abilities for years.

A definitive acquisition agreement was signed today between Expandium and Vedicis, for an undisclosed amount.

Pierre Cassier, Expandium CEO, commented: “During more than two years of close collaboration with Vedicis, we have built a high-performance platform in which the DPI probe holds a strategic place. In a desire to master our product positioning, architecture and road map, we have decided to acquire Vedicis company. The experience and skills of Vedicis teams will allow us to consolidate our leadership in customer service quality management for fixed and mobile operators. We will continue to benefit from the great experience of Theodore, Vedicis CEO.”

"We are very pleased to join Expandium, as the combined portfolio leverages Vedicis developments in packet management and enables to address new opportunities for 5G, network virtualization and network intelligence use cases. We have been sharing with Expandium the same values and strategy for product design optimization and software-based business models, which is a key to succeed together and to unleash the benefits of Internet traffic growth.” added Theodore Martin, Vedicis CEO.


About Expandium
Expandium is an innovative and leading provider of network monitoring solutions that uses the latest big data technologies. Since its establishment in 2005, our company has provided public and railway operators with the latest generation of tools to build network intelligence, ranging from troubleshooting to optimization through CEM and SQM. Expandium solutions monitor all interfaces currently in operations, including R4 architectures and the railway MR2 release. These include 2G, 3G, LTE, VoLTE and VoIP for MNOs as well as GSM-R, GPRS, FRMCS, ETCS and Interlocking for Railway Operators. Visit www.expandium.com for more information.

About Vedicis

Vedicis provides advanced IP broadband packet management software platforms to fixed and mobile Communication Service Providers. With Vedicis PGW, DPI-PCEF and Wireless Access Gateway solutions, CSPs take informed actions for better traffic connectivity, control and monetization.
Vedicis’ leading cloud ready platform uniquely enables to migrate networks to virtualization and to reap the benefits of more flexibility, faster integration and better ROI. Visit www.vedicis.com for more information.