Vedicis deploys its virtualized Software Service Gateway in Amazon cloud

Vedicis Virtualized platform is deployed in Amazon Cloud and available for free trials 

Paris, France — January 5th, 2019 — Vedicis, a leading software editor of IP traffic management platforms, today announces the availability of its virtualized Software Service Gateway in Amazon cloud (AWS).

Combining an integrated DPI engine with advanced traffic management capabilities, it allows Communication Service Providers to deploy PGW, DPI-PCEF and WAG in a private or public cloud, which optimizes the cost and profitability of network core functions.  

An important trend in Telecoms is digital transformation. Operators need to change their architecture to be service led where services are exposed via API for integration and consumption. Virtualization is a further development where Operators want to become more independent and avoid vendor lock-in. Virtual platforms need to breath where increasing and decreasing capacity on demand needs to be commercially implemented.

Software based from the ground, Vedicis Software Service Gateway is natively cloud deployable. Leveraging its field proven DPI engine, this efficient platform integrates all the required capabilities for mobile connectivity (PGW), data monetization (PCEF) and wifi access control (WAG).

Vedicis solution radically changes the economics of network deployment, especially in the case of new entrants which are facing the issue of up-front costs. Vedicis Cloud based platform is not only a technological asset in terms of flexibility and integration, it is also a way to eliminate mobile core capex and to reduce operational and financial risks.

Taking into account the expectations of partners and CSPs who want to experiment and validate new technologies rapidly, Vedicis goes a step further, proposing a free access to a trial platform. Each CSP is granted a dedicated virtual PGW which can be reached from any regular mobile phone and controlled by a Web API to act on policy and charging use cases. Supporting a native IPSec connectivity, this trial platform removes the complexity of network integration and can be used without waiting for a GTP interconnection with a MNO. 

« Vedicis cloud based platform revolutionizes the way Communication Service Providers can deploy and use mobile core components As a service. Being able to activate in a few clicks a new internet access for an MVNO is now possible and can be experienced through Vedicis website » says Theodore Martin Martin, Vedicis CEO.


About Vedicis

Vedicis provides advanced IP broadband packet management software platforms to fixed and mobile Communication Service Providers. With Vedicis PGW, DPI-PCEF and Wireless Access Gateway solutions, CSPs take informed actions for better traffic connectivity, control and monetization.

Vedicis’ leading cloud ready platform uniquely enables to migrate networks to virtualization and to reap the benefits of more flexibility, faster integration and better ROI.

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