New Win in APAC

First win in APAC for policy control and tethering monetization.

Paris, 1st June 2011:

Vedicis announces that a major APAC mobile operator has selected Vedicis Policy Control & Enforcement Solution for tethering monetization and congestion relief.
Mobile users demonstrate a very fast adoption of internet broadband, and new smartphone usage is extremely popular. Among them, “mobile hot spot usage“ aka “tethering“ when smartphone is used as a modem is now a growing concern for mobile carriers.

Issues are two-fold:
- Tethering usage heavily contributes to congest the network with a high degradation of Quality of Experience for all subscribers at peak times. With tethering, many devices (PCs/Tablets) and many users may access to mobile network through a single smartphone which may consume more than 10 times the bandwidth of any other smartphone, especially with PC applications (like peer-to-peer, ftp, OTT videos) that are not optimized for mobile device communication.
- From a business standpoint, mobile operators offer specific tethering service packages. However they are rarely subscribed as operators control are easily bypassed. This represents an important revenue leakage, while bandwidth and services are intensively used.
Vedicis Policy Control & Enforcement Solution provides user bandwidth monitoring, clear identification of tethering usage to be compared on the fly with their subscription packages, and inline actions for control (either bandwidth limitation for users without relevant data packages or alerts sent to SMS systems to propose directly a package upgrade).
“Our solution, with precise usage detection at high speed that avoid false positive, combined with a short ROI, gives a unique advantage to mobile operators to monetize tethering and limit congestion in the network.“ comments Theodore Martin Martin, Vedicis CEO.